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Artist Of The Month

The Foole

Hamilton Ontario

The Foole is an artist and a concept.
In olden times, the Fool or court Jester, under the guise of entertainment, would also make social statements and speak truths about the human condition.
Born out of the streets of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, this masked multi-instrumentalist  puts the emphasis solely on the music and the stories that are being told.
Stories of love lost, lingering feelings for past relationships, struggles with one's mortality, infidelity, and a few upbeat romps that everyone needs to distract from mundane and sometimes negative world views.
Much like The Beatles later work, no two songs are alike in mood, sound or story,except  the sounds you hear were written , performed, engineered and produced by the man behind the white mask with  a little help from his friends. 
The Debut album "...from this point of view" while a thoroughly modern sounding recording, pays homage to the great artists of the past and present; The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Prince, Radiohead, and David Bowie.
The first single "Don't Call it Love" is a response  to when the one you love decides to leave, and they say "but I still love you "...the one left behind thinks..."if you love me you wouldn't leave", so "Don't call it Love"  is a song that could easily fit any playlist that includes such huge artists as Adele and Coldplay,etc.
There are tracks on this album that may be challenging  for some to listen to, from the hauntingly beautiful ballad "Hey Suicide" which talks to suicide as if it were a character or a person.
Then there's "The Fool", about a friend of the famed "Major Tom" in the song "Space Oddity"  the Foole laments with pain " I miss Major Tom, now that he is gone now" as a tribute to  losing the character and the artist David Bowie that created him.